Easy Steps To Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business

How To Start An Online Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to earn huge amount of money online by referring, generating lead or selling product and services belonging to other companies.
An online affiliate program provides sensible business house owners with an extra stream of financial gain for merchandising an equivalent product they sell directly. They get individuals to market and market their product and that they solely pay those people if a procurement is formed. You may know that by now affiliate marketing is one of the best ways that one can make money online. Affiliate programs pay you some amount of money to direct sale, veiws, leads etc to their products.

why you should join an affiliate marketing program to make money online

an affiliate makerting business is easy to start up compared to building a real time business. it cost little or nothing, if you want to build a website for it cost as little as $2 to $5 to host your site.

you will have no problem creating any product. since all you do is to market other peoples product and generate leads for them.

an affiliate marketing program is free to join and you can even market the products you use because any product or service that’s online can pretty much be marketed.

you are free because just like every business owner will have to remain in the place where their business is located. you can pretty my travel and still be making more money.

no customer stress since you don’t sell directly to people. you will not have the respondsibility of maneging , worrying about customer service or even payment processing like most real time business owners do.

How to start an online affiliate. Program


Choose an affiliate niche.

You can’t just jump into an affiliate program, you have to choose a good product you want to promote. and also pick a topic that you love and know well so that it will be easy for you to write good high quality post that can generate sales.and remember you may easily loss interest if the topic you are writing about is not what you love or enjoy doing . which will make your business not to stand the test of time because eventually you will stop writing thereby lossing you visitors and will no longer be able to generate sales. so if you pick a good topic that you love remember to check for the products and services that you can promote within the topic to make money. so will not go into a topic that will generate you little or no money.

Build a blog

start a new blog for you affiliate program

One of the best ways to promote your affiliate products is on your blog. Many blogger like neilpatel makes a huge amount of money on his blog daily by promoting affiliate links in his blog. One of the most important reason you should also start up a blog is that before some affiliate networks grant you approval into their program you are required to own a site and you site must comply with their policies.  Cause most networks wants to maintain  their company’s reputation. Fortunately creating a blog its easy with sites like blogger.com.

Write great content for your blog.

If you want to generate sales and leads on your blog you have to write great article in your blog. by writing good quality articles on your blog you will be able to build some reasonable amount of trust between you and your reader. remember no one is willing to give away his or her money for product that will not be useful to them. so make them understand why the product is good and how it can benefit him or her. so write articles that will attract visitors and encourage people to buy or subscribe to a particular product. Also add affiliate links in your article.

What to sell on your blog

like i said before make sure that what ever you want to sell most be profitable and of good value to you reader. these are a few types of products and services you can sell on you blog.

Digital merchandise

The best affiliate merchandise to sell are digital merchandise. These eBooks, videos, mp3 courses, membership websites. they’re nice for you as a product creator as you merely ought to manufacture it once and it will sold-out time and time once more. they’re nice for your affiliates as a result of you’ll terribly simply offer them a replica to review for his or her customers. and that they are nice for patrons as a result of they’ll instantly transfer them once they’ve purchased it, thus there is no hanging around for delivery.

A Product that individuals can need to shop for

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

how to earn money from affiliate marketing

There is  no limit as to what you can earn from  affiliate marketing, it is told that the more lead and traffic you generate the higher you income.
Affiliates are like sales people that get paid only they create a procurement. thus they will want build an inexpensive commission to form it price their time. If you do not provide a minimum of five hundredth commission you are not probably to attractiveness to high-level affiliate marketers.

How to pick a good affiliate program

There are many affiliate networks out there, but picking the right one for your niche blog could be a little difficult for beginners.
So do you research and pick the best one that suts you. Here are some that you may find interesting.

ClickBank.com is a highly regarded affiliate network used my many affiliate marketers to make money online.

Amazon associate is also a good network where you can make good amount of money. In this program you get to choose from different varieties of product ranging from ebooks, physical products lead generation and many more. Amazon also provide you with a program known as native shopping ads which pays you per impression.

Commission junction is another great affiliate program that enables you to become an affiliate and sell products and services belonging to thousands of companies.

How to promote your affiliate links

There are lots of ways you can promote the affiliate links on your blog, but i am going to share with you some of the ways you can do it.
There are:

  • Add links to your site
  • Write Product reviews and add the link of the product on the post
  • Place banner ads on header and sidebar of your blog

Traffic is key

Yes traffic is key cause without it you can not make any money from your affiliate links.  You will have to get traffic to you blog for people to be able to see and make deals  with your affiliate links. So let me share with you the best way to get traffic to you blog and affiliate links below.

Social media community

get traffic from social media communities

This is the best place to get real targeted free traffic to your blog, many top bloggers use social media communities to generate tuns of traffic to their blog daily. So you should try sharing  some link with social media communities like facebook and twitter.

Seo organic traffic

Another good way you can generate good amount of traffic is by optimizing your blog for search engines. Real the links blow to learn more about search engine optimization.
Seo guide for beginer bloggers

How to be #1 on google search

To wrap it up

Affiliate marketing to one of the best way to generate extra income to your bank accounts, many affiliate marketers make huge amount of money online every day to add to their jobs. So i will advise you start up your affiliate marketing business today and generate an extra source of income  for yourself. If your have any questions or contributions feel free to drop your comments below.


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